First LUG@IITD meeting

First LUG@IITD meeting

We had our 1st LUG@IITD community meeting at 21 Jan 2008 (Monday).

Location and Venue

Venue EE committee room
Date 21 Jan 2008 ( Monday )
Time 5.15 pm to 6.30 pm (IST)


  1. Alok Singh Mahor
  2. Gajendra Nand Khanna
  3. Himanshu Gupta
  4. Mayank Joshi
  5. Megha Jindal
  6. Narendra Sisodiya
  7. Rahul Goyal
  8. Saurabh Gorecha
  9. Sharad Birmiwal
  10. Utkarsh Wagh

Issues Discussed

  • Strategy for Next two month to popularize Linux in IIT Delhi Campus.
    • A time frame of two months has been kept to expand our presence on campus. In pursuit of this it has been decided to do the following:-
    • (a) Organize an introductory workshop to Linux in February after the minor
    • (b) Organize an installation @ IITD : It was decided to have these at the hostel level. A poster will be put up soon in all the hostels inviting people to register to have linux installed on their systems. A day will be decided for each hostel when our volunteers will do the installation.
    • It has been agreed that Debian will be our default GNU/Linux distro for this due to the following reasons:-
      • It is a completely free community run distro. (free as in freedom/liberty not cost). The community is extremely devoted to the cause of free (mukt) software.
      • It is known to be most stable due to the rigorous testing done by the community.
      • It runs on nine architectures including 386, amd64, powerpc. Would be useful. (unlike fedora and others who support only one or two)
      • It provides the more number of softwares than other distros and has a very active community. Special purpose softwares are available for special needs. During installations it would help in installing more packages without depending much on our famously slow hostel net connection.
      • Supports old systems also.
    • It was agreed that we can only try our best to install. There are no guarantees for all drivers working (including audio, webcams and particularly wireless). If softwares do not provide certain features yet we will not be able to support it. (case in point linuxdcpp).
    • (c) A need is felt by many of the non-CS non-EC students for C / C++ training. The LUG shall conduct a small series of lectures soon after the installations in February. It will demonstrate some of the basics and show how to do C / C++ on Linux.
    • The order of these events shall be as per the alphabetical order (a), (b) and (c). (a) and (b) shall be in 2nd-3rd week of february. (c) may start towards end of third week.
  • Scope of the Community.

The community will endeavor to popularize Linux and free software on campus. We shall organize various workshops and tutorials as per demand. The online Google group shall be available for Linux based queries which IITD residents can utilize for doubt resolving and discussions.

  • The IITD Student Registration Website forces us to use Windows and Internet Explorer.

The above is an infringement on our freedom to use any Operating system and browser. We shall start a signature campaign
in february requesting the institute to make the site compatible across platforms and browsers. Work arounds on Linux
force us to become pirates as per the restrictive licenses of M/s Microsoft.

  • It is imperative that we have contact points in each hostel for LUG and Installation

The following people have been identified for this purpose :

Hostel Contact Person Phone No
Zanskar,Apartments Narendra Sisodiya 9999232792, WA-14
Vindhyachal, Satpura Saurabh Gorecha moc.liamg|ahcerogs#moc.liamg|ahcerogs , SD-17 Vindhyachal
Kumaon, Jwalamukhi Gajendra Nand Khanna moc.liamg|annahkardnejag#moc.liamg|annahkardnejag , ND-21 Kumaon
Himadri Shikha Gupta 9891149864, SC-4
Kailash Megha Jindal SD-15
Karakoram Utkarsh Wagh 9990646707 B-15
Nilgiri Alok Singh Mahor, Sharad Birmiwal
Shivalik Himanshu Gupta 9999298369
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