Eklavya Server

Eklavya Server a Project run by Linux User Group. This server is dedicated to provide resources to IIT Delhi students. Currently it is hosted on one of the machine of EE dept with limited services. We will try to provide a long range of services by user contribution and regular workshops.

What is provide currently

  • We provides iso images of some Linux Distro.
    • Fedora ISO images can be found at
    • Currently we are providing iso images for Fedora 6, 7, 8. You can install Fedora over LAN. Please see the Article How to install
  • We provide updates and base software for Fedora 8. It means you can update and install Linux software locally.
    • Please refer to Article section on Adding local repo to Fedora 8
  • We provide a large number of helpful E-books

In future we will try to provide a long list of service under the name of Eklavya Server.

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