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Using a common Repo from a Server

From : Gajendra
Topic : Debian repository

Hi group
As mentioned at the workshop narendra has made an unofficial Debian repository (unfortunately accessible only in academic area) from which you can get packages. To do so follow this procedure.
1. edit your /etc/apt/sources.list file as root and add these lines

deb etch main contrib
deb etch main
deb etch main

2. Now run this command

apt-get update

Now it is ready for you to get packages. Being on iit lan its really fast.
Thanks Narendra for the excellent job. It would be nice if csc could host the repository. Then it will be possible to use it from hostel. Does anybody have an idea how to go about that?

Making your own repo at your PC

from Mayank
Topic : Using iso images as a repository source in Debian Etch

If you've iso images of Debian Etch and want to use them as a repository source then following are the steps to follow:

1) Create a directory named say /media/isoimages1. All the iso images will be mounted to this directory.

mkdir /media/isoimages1 -p

2) Mount it
mount <path to iso image> /media/isoimages1 -o loop

For e.g. in my
case the iso image of 1st DVD is located in /data/DebEtchDVD1.iso so
I'll issue
mount /data/DebEtchDVD1.iso /media/isoimages1 -o loop

3) Repeate the same procedure to mount DVD2 and DVD3.
4) Edit /etc/apt/sources.list file and add
deb file:/media/isoimages1 etch main contrib
deb file:/media/isoimages2 etch main 
deb file:/media/isoimages3 etch main

to end of the file.

The system is now ready to use the iso image mounted on /media/isoimages as a repository, so use apt or Synaptics Package Manager to install the softwares.

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